The Book, Website, & A Sneak Peek

Not Like Me: a Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World helps people of faith effectively love, malady serve, drug and reach people overlooked by the church. One of the new features includes a brief article after each chapter with practical ways to apply the principles presented in that chapter.  The contributors include: Ed Stetzer, ampoule Amena Brown, Margaret Feinberg, Kevin Harney, Dr. Gerardo Marti, Kim Martinez, Lon Wong, Mark DeYmaz, Princess Zulu, Dan Kimball, and Erwin McManus (foreword).

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The Website includes insights and articles with practical ways to love, serve, and influence those with whom we might differ or disagree. To submit a 300-700 word article based on one of the chapters in Not Like Me, email Eric at also includes short films, small group materials, sermon transcripts, assessments, and other resources for a sermon series and your small groups. To submit resources to be considered, email Eric at

Sneak Peek:

Table of Contents

Foreword by Erwin McManus

Introduction – The Art of Woo: Overcoming the Christian Stereotype

Chapter 1 – Curry Favor: Winning People and Influencing Friends

Chapter 3 – Peppermint-Filled Pinatas: Partying to Expand Your Influence (from the original version)

Chapter 9 – “Lots of Sex in the City: Engaging Others in a Post-Sexual Revolution World” Field Notes by Ed Stetzer

Chapter 10 – The Mosque Next Door: Building Relationships with the Religious (audio version)

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