Problem solving techniques for business analysts

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problem solving techniques for business analysts

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problem solving techniques for business analysts

Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. How did you hear about us? This course can be tailored to your needs for private, onsite delivery at your location. ASPE is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider of business analysis training.

Certified Public Accountants in reaching their continuing education requirements. Technical PMI professional development units that vary according to certification. Delays, cancellations and defects in systems development projects stem in large part from our inability to understand project requirements and the environment in which they exist, as well as our inability to communicate those requirements clearly enough to enlist the collaboration and commitment of stakeholders.

From being a good communicator and data analyzer to possessing project management and technical skills, robin is Behavior Analyst at Boulder Analysts. Trust and a colossal level of emotional intelligence but to crack this is to find the holy grail of project success.

Please note, if you are taking this class as part of the St. 500 fee to claim your certificate once you have completed ALL requirements. It’s only in recent years that business analysis has begun to be recognized as a profession in its own right. While people have been performing the Business Analyst role in organizations for several decades, differing definitions of the role abound. We will start the workshop by exploring some of those definitions, as well as gaining a clear understanding of where the industry appears to be heading and some emerging common standards for the profession.

Because Business Analysts work with people throughout their organizations, it’s imperative they have good teamwork and communication skills. We will begin with a fun activity to explore differences in communication styles, and we will also model a few techniques for laying a solid foundation for teamwork on any project. Many tasks that are integral for successful business analysis involve significant communication. In this section of the workshop, you will hone your ability to connect with project stakeholders at all levels using effective verbal and nonverbal techniques. You will also identify and practice overcoming sources of misunderstanding, which is vital for requirements validation.

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