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Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World helps people of faith effectively love, approved serve, ailment and reach people overlooked by the church. Published by Zondervan, Not Like Me is a revised, re-titled, and updated version of Peppermint-Filled Pinatas.

Not Like Me includes a brief article after each chapter with practical ways to apply the principles presented in that chapter

The contributors include:
Ed Stetzer, Amena Brown, Margaret Feinberg, Kevin Harney, Dr. Gerardo Marti, Kim Martinez, Lon Wong, Mark DeYmaz, Princess Zulu, Dan Kimball, and Erwin McManus (Foreword).

Sneak Peek:

Table of Contents

Foreword by Erwin McManus

Introduction – The Art of Woo: Overcoming the Christian Stereotype

Chapter 1 – Curry Favor: Winning People and Influencing Friends

From the Back Cover:

We live in a diverse world filled with unprecedented opportunity. There is a call to move past the barriers that stand between us and those who may be different. Eric Michael Bryant has seen tolerance shown to those who are different than us — racially, religiously, sexually, politically, economically — and believes there must be more. After all, Jesus didn’t just tolerate people; he embraced them all with love.

Using lighthearted humor, engaging personal stories, and a “party theology,” Bryant shows us how to love our neighbors and fulfill the vision Jesus had for the church from the beginning.

Whether that is through building relationships with the help of bounce houses, stand up comedy, or piñatas, followers of Christ will be inspired to actively engage the world around them.

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Online articles inspired by or excerpted from Not Like Me:
“Art of Woo” | “Kidnapping a Muslim” | “Embracing Love” |

“Creating a Diverse Community” Part One, Part Two, Part Three, & Part Four

“Iraq War Improvements (A Lesson For the Church)”

“Interview with Book Disciple” (South Africa)

Reviews for Not Like Me:
“Relationship evangelism is the message of this book from Bryant, ‘the bald white guy’ on staff at the 80-nationalities multicultural Christian community Mosaic in Los Angeles. ‘Love is the new apologetic,’ writes Bryant. For too long, he argues, the world has been made aware of what Christians hate rather than whom they love; what they are against rather than what they support. Christians, he says, ‘have created an environment where we are seen as judgmental, irrelevant, mean, and hypocritical.’ Mixing scripture, humor and personal anecdotes (including a great one about a filling station clerk), Bryant invites Christians to develop a ‘party theology’: invite others to share in your life, and accept invitations to participate in other people’s lives, especially if they are different from you in some way. The content is familiar: look to connect through a common cause, hobby or passion. Learn conflict resolution and practice it. Break stereotypes, whether they are ethnic, economic, sexual, religious or political. Apart from one confusing anecdote about a schizophrenic who seems to get well through Christian service, this is a solid book for Christians who have ‘head knowledge’ about relationship evangelism, but need encouragement rather than how-to steps to put that knowledge into action.”
-Publisher’s Weekly

Not Like Me is Saving Private Ryan meets Nacho Libre! Eric calls us to a heroic mission and at the same time exposes our flawed humanity. He tackles one of the most critical and complex issues of our time and brings it down to earth and keeps us grounded in reality. It’s quite a gift to force us to face such uncomfortable and serious issues and at the same time keep us laughing. Somebody needed to write this book; I am grateful Eric did. We will all be better for it. Thank you, Eric, for awakening in us a love that knows no boundaries.”
– Erwin Raphael McManus,
author, futurist, lead pastor of Mosaic in Los Angeles

“In the times we live in, we desperately need books like Not Like Me. Eric understands the times, and because he does he gives clear and practical examples of how we can bridge the unfortunate gap between people in our culture and the wonderful, beautiful and incredible gospel of Jesus. We just gave Peppermint Pinatas to our key leaders at our church, as we believe his message needs to be heard and lived out.”
-Dan Kimball,
author, speaker, founding pastor of Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, CA

Not Like Me is a thoroughly refreshing, biblically-grounded, and Gospel-inspired approach to engaging the phenomenon of increasing cultural diversity in Western cities. Eric is a great practitioner of the ideas proposed here. We highly recommend this book.”
Alan Hirsch, author of The Forgotten Ways, Untamed, and reJesus and Debra Hirsch, author of Untamed and minister of Tribe of LA

“As a new follower of Jesus this book inspired me to live the kind of life Jesus calls us to live. Jesus is the original diversity practitioner, loving and welcoming all to Him, and Not Like Me inspires us to follow His lead. Thank you, Eric, for reminding us to live this powerful and essential message.”
– Jon Gordon
, author of The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy

“Eric Michael Bryant communicates a bridge building message with grace and love. It’s worth reading and definitely worth living.”
– David Anderson,
author of Multicultural Ministry and Gracism: The Art of Inclusion, pastor Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, MD

Not Like Me is a giant step backwards—straight to Jesus’ call for his Church simply to love people with no strings attached.”
– Gary Gonzales
, executive pastor of Overlake Christian Church, Redmond, WA

“Winsome, honest, theologically grounded – Bryant’s work calls us to move beyond the theory of bridge building to everyday, practical choices for actually loving others as Jesus loved.”
– Nancy Beach,
Willow Creek Association

Not Like Me gets to the heart of our emotions to invoke in us the desire to be more like Jesus; to reach out to others, to face on our own selfishness and be about the Jesus’ mission. Thanks, Eric, for this challenging book!
– Dave Ferguson
, Lead Pastor, Community Christian Church Chicago, IL

“God didn’t design us to be rule-followers. We were created to passionately love him and his creation — the wonderfully unique folks that God uses to interrupt our lives. In Not Like Me, Eric challenges us to engage that call. It’s clever. It’s fun. The book will force you to rethink your mission and your ministry. It’ll also leave you with minty fresh breath.”
– Tony Morgan
, Chief Strategic Officer of TonyMorganLive.com

“Authors ought to write with authenticity and books ought to be enjoyable to read. This book is both. Eric Bryant is the real deal. And Not Like Me will challenge the way you think while putting a smile on your face!”
Mark Batterson,
lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C. and author of In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, Wild Goose Chase, and Primal

“In Not Like Me, Bryant offers hope, evokes possibility, and gives guidance to love more deeply, serve more generously, and give more sacrificially to people around us made in the image of God.”
– Joel Vestal
, Founder and President of ServLife International and author of Dangerous Faith: Growing in God and Service to the World

“Eric writes with authenticity, humility and passion. Using his own story of transformation as a starting point, he encourages and calls the Church to demonstrate a love that is not blind but embracing. This book will move the Church towards living with eyes and arms wide open.”
– Dr. Mary Glenn
, Kingdom Causes, Southern California

“Eric Bryant is a Catalyst! He lives with reckless abandon in the constant pursuit of knowing, leading and becoming more like Jesus, and representing a fresh expression of the Gospel to those around him. You will experience what relational evangelism could, should and does look like in the pages of Not Like Me. A great read for leaders, young and old. Plan to walk away refreshed, energized and equipped with new lenses through which to see the world, your community, and your friends.”
– Brad Lomenick
, Executive Director, Catalyst

Not Like Me is all about the heart and the how of evangelism. Bryant’s style and substance reflect a refreshing departure from ineffective, shame based witnessing techniques…and a return to the simple and compelling compassion of Christ.”
– Steven Furtick
, Lead Pastor, Elevation Church, Charlotte, NC

“Eric Bryant has written a great first-hand account of going beyond tolerance to love in living out the gospel in his LA community. Along the lines of Velvet Elvis and Blue Like Jazz, Not Like Me is incredibly authentic, readable and a message for the age we find ourselves in! Filled with Scripture, biblical insights, and personally experiences, Eric weaves a story of love, grace and hope for the world. Robert McKee has written, “Storytelling is the creative demonstration of truth. A story is the living proof of an idea, the conversion of idea to action.” Eric lives the story and so proves the idea of the life-changing, life-engaging gospel.”
– Eric Swanson
–Co-author of The Externally Focused Church

“After hearing Eric Bryant speak at a secular bookstore one of the store’s workers said, “That’s the way all Christians should be.” Having lived some of the book’s experiences alongside Eric, I have to agree. Eric lives the “art of woo” and the “apologetic of love” in his every day life. This book is not theory. It’s a living example to us all.”
– Gary Irby
, Director, SeattleChurchPlanting.com

“Eric Michael Bryant embodies many of the ideals he writes about in Not Like Me. In it, he deftly combines theological reflection with warm storytelling, and the result is an exhortation that is profound without being preachy and winsome without being watered-down.”
-D. Michael Lindsay
, author of Faith in the Halls of Power

Not Like Me does what great books do: invite you into an authentic discussion, raise important questions, and challenge you to become more. Eric wisely mixes humor, personal anecdotes, and lessons from his experiences in engaging communities like Seattle and Los Angeles. Not Like Me was a great experience.”
-Scott Savage
, Teacher at Crash, an alternative worship service at North Phoenix Baptist Church, in Phoenix, Arizona

“Eric Bryant is a master storyteller and communicator. Focusing on life changing moments Eric allows the reader to discover some of life’s ethnic pressure points through his own experiences. You will be captivated and entertained by his words and it will challenge you to reflect and probe your own inner-self. Eric writes, “More often than not, it is not the language that keeps us from each other; it is our unwillingness to make the necessary sacrifices to reach and empower the ‘nations’ within our churches.” (p.124) Not Like Me is about desiring to engage others where they are and knowing what it means to be a servant in a world that has sensitive hot buttons across ethnic barriers. Unbelievable read!
– Rev. Chip B. Furr
, The Climb, Inc.

“This book could have also been called, “Missional Living for Dummies.” It is a must read for anyone who wishes to live for Jesus in urban post-christian America.”
– Dave Bruskas
, Campus Pastor, Mars Hill Albuquerque, NM

“In his book, Eric Bryant gives a gift of clarity to the Western church. He contends the broader culture stills defines the Christian movement for what it stands against, rather than what it was always intended to proclaim: a message of peace, redemption and compassion. Through stories, personal reflections and a thorough unpacking of the relevant scriptures, Eric calls us to strive for a place where we’re known for nothing other than the volume of our love. Not Like Me is a compelling read for anyone looking to transcend the trappings of an isolated, inwardly focused, Christian subculture.”
– Steve Norman
, Teaching Pastor at Kensington Community Church, Michigan

“The book was easy to read, but it doesn’t mean that you can finish it in one session of light reading. It provokes a lot of questions and a self examination. It was funny, and like any other funny writings it draws you to read with expectations then, it surprises you. Also it was a special kind of humor, since the author was tickling us with a tip of a sword. It is a new type of prophetic writing. It confronts strongly without being judgmental, and it doesn’t impose standards that are unapproachable on the opposite the general spirit of the book is “Yes, we can live this productive and meaningful life among any kind of people. I’m encouraged a lot reading the book and encouraging others to do so, and focused my life once again on the things that count.”
– Hany Fouad
, Director of “Arab Ministry in Spain”

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