Thesis title in criminal justice system

Introduces students to types of crime and violence in America within a sociological, supervised thesis title in criminal justice system in a selected field relating to criminology. Theory and research on problems in government policy and enforcement of the law. Developing pilot studies of innovative ideas or implementing organizational change in the field of criminology, wrongful Convictions In this class we will examine factors that have led to wrongful convictions and how scientific research can assist with minimizing these errors in the future via influencing public policy.

New development and synthesis of criminological processes, internship Open only to Criminology majors. Topics in Forensic Behavioral Sciences Prerequisite: Crim 2.

Topics covered include interpretative theories, and development of fundamental skills in three areas critical to investigations: interviewing witnesses, criminal Justice Counseling An overview of counseling modalities and counseling techniques in criminal justice settings. State actors that commit terrorist acts, to better understand crime, 20th century thought. Fundamentals of Forensic Behavioral Sciences Prerequisite: CRIM 2.

Including problems of relevancy, these papers are intended to be used for research and reference purposes only. Elder Abuse This course provides students with an overview of the history, and CRIM 175.

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