What is a senior thesis film

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what is a senior thesis film

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PCU is a 1994 American comedy film written by Adam Leff and Zak Penn and directed by Hart Bochner about college life at the fictional Port Chester University, and represents “an exaggerated view of contemporary college life. During his visit, Tom also finds himself in the middle of a war between “The Pit” and “Balls and Shaft”, two rival groups.

Balls and Shaft members, want the outlawed Greek system to return. Other factions on campus include a commune-style house of pot users called Jerrytown that Gutter often frequents, a radical feminist group known as the Womynists, an Afrocentrist group suspecting the Pit of conspiring against them, and the college president, Ms. The Pit responds by throwing a party to raise the funds needed. The Womynists take offense to The Pit’s flyers advertising the party, and hold a protest outside as the house residents conspire to steal alcohol and convince students to attend. The party at first appears to be a failure.

The demonstration establishes that even with The Pit shut down, the President cannot control the student population, resulting in the Board of Trustees summarily firing her. Later, Tom heads home having decided to commit to PCU as the Pit has moved back into their house. As he sits on the bus, he sees Rand, who is now in Tom’s position at the beginning of the film: being chased by the students across campus. Principal photography took place almost entirely in and around Toronto with the University of Toronto serving as Port Chester University. Some limited second unit shots were shot on the Wesleyan campus.

Jeremy Piven complains in the DVD audio commentary that actors were not allowed by the director to improvise at all. He was able to include some limited improvisation by appealing to the writers directly. Roger Ebert said the film “begins with a fantastic premise, but immediately loses faith in it. Arista, features songs from the feature film.

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